Integrate your devices and equipment through IoT and our app development expertise

Mobile application does almost everything now, be it for your consumers or for your business. One app can help you automate tasks, connect various things, track progress of your employees or help you reach anywhere. Gone are those days when mobile apps were merely an alternative or websites on mobile, instead they are turning to a Control Unit for everything in your house, office of even factory. Mobile apps when integrate IoT to your industrial equipment or machines, your industry comes one step closer to Industry 4.0.

Industrial operations are now using mobile apps to control their drives, motors, CNC machines, etc. and becoming an integral part of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) or Industry 4.0. Fleet management is in complete control using a robust mobile app. IOT devices are controlled swiftly when you roll your fingertips over the mobile app commands. Run your manufacturing units or control them, run your businesses or monitor them, track your shipments or your field salesforce, run IT admin tasks in your company while working from home or audit your complete office infra using a mobile device, your mobile phone is your Control unit now. You are surrounded by mobile applications and these apps are making your life easier by helping you multitask or effectively and efficiently manage your time and resources.

Artificial Visual Labs has spent years into Web, Mobile and Software application development and now integrating the experience with technology advancements by building innovative and intuitive Web, Mobile and Software applications. We work on all the web technologies, Native and Hybrid mobile app development platforms and all programming languages for variety of software application development. Our core competencies are around AI and Video Analytics but we always believe in delivering complete packaged solutions in form of a robust app.

Common Solutions
  • IoT Mobile apps for Industries
  • React JS Application Development
  • React Native Application Development
  • Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • C++, Python and JS Experts
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality through JS

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