Evolving Industries with Smartest Industrial Automation solutions

Automation in industries is the need today for almost all the processes. Existing setups involve human and machine setups where machines can perform with least possible errors, zero downtime and maximum capacity but it entirely depends on the operator to keep it running in the best possible state which hardly happens. It results in production loss, downtime, defective products and limitations of human in terms of operating at maximum possible capacity everytime. Automation involving Electro-mechanical setups, with an eye (machine vision setup with camera) to gather information and operate accordingly. It eliminates or reduces human intervention to least possible extent and the outcome is maximum possible production and optimized operations.

Artificial Visual Labs smartly assists industries with Industrial Automation Solutions to evolve with automation with its expertise into Machine vision, Image processing, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Software integration. Our experience ranges from automating processes from raw material procurement to CNC machine integration and till delivery ready product. It has delivered factory automation

Common Solutions
  • Manufacturing automation solutions
  • Factory Automation solutions
  • Quality inspection through cameras and sensors
  • Anomaly detection during production
  • Human and machine supervision
  • Parametric measurement
  • Machine health

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