With the new lifestyle human race is living with today across the globe, entire ecosystem is getting effected and now we are concerned how to bring the balance back. It is not only the nature we disturbed but our own body and mental health. Pollution, chemicals and bad eating habits have deteriorated our physical and mental health to a huge extent. We are now concerned about our own and family’s well-being. Healthcare has been one of the top priorities globally and with new diseases emerging, clinical research is becoming so important that we need to bring in technology to speed up research activities and automate the basic treatments, operations and surgeries to focus on solving bigger problems. 


Artificial Intelligence has contributed and has emerged as the biggest breakthrough for healthcare industry. In addition, medical imaging, IoT, Augmented reality and predictive maintenance have eased up things for entire healthcare ecosystem. 


Healthcare is one industry which focuses on well-being of human race and we believe it should be leading industry to utilize the promising technologies we have around. Artificial Visual Labs works around clinical research models for Skin and Hair on microscopic level and has solved complex problems through Computer Vision and Image processing algorithms. We also feel our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can contribute towards healthcare initiatives towards our own well-being. 

Check more about our involvement in Healthcare domain: 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image processing, Augmented reality, IoT.

Expertise Area
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Image processing

Read more on applicable use cases: Facial Skin Analysis, Hair Analysis, Item OCR, Virtual Makeup through Augmented Reality.