Data revealed through Image processing application development are over and above Human Intelligence

Images are non – scenic matter or meaningless pixels for us as we turn them into meaningful data through Image processing techniques. Our R&D processes and designed algorithms obtain deepest insights from images through Image enhancement, image segmentation and finally measurement of data on various scientific and relational aspects. Image processing is
applicable in almost every industry as CCTCV surveillance is the backbone of security nowadays. Smart solutions recognizing faces, objects, patterns, anomaly and various other behaviors uses Image processing algorithms to interpret data. Video feed obtained from cameras are converted to frames and then these frames are processed for required information.

Image processing techniques have made industries smarter where use cases range from Medical Imaging, Forensic studies, Military, Document processing, Remote Sensing, Textiles, Material science, Film industry and so many more.

By implementing state-of- the-art computer vision and image processing technology, Artificial Visual Labs helping businesses and institutes in obtaining accurate results pertaining to specific requirements ranging from precision soil study for agriculture to medical imagery solutions; OCR to microscopy; image classification to barcode detection and much more. Artificial Visual Labs is one of the top Image processing companies which specifically work on custom and tailormade algorithm development to solve complex industry problems.

Common Solutions
  • Image processing Application Development
  • Image processing and Machine Learning
  • Image processing and AI Algorithms
  • Object recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Document processing, pattern matching and OCR
  • Deep Neural Networks

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