Machine Vision solutions with intelligent analytics are the new eyes for Engineering

We resolve real-world problems, be it detecting people and objects at the shopping mall, counting & classifying vehicles on the roads, measuring dimensions of a finished product at a factory or providing attendance management solutions at institutions. Devising right algorithms and software to address your problems is our core focus area. At Artificial Visual Labs, we believe in providing accurate information through the new world eye, the camera sensors and our data processing algorithms equipped with AI and Machine learning to
strengthen your business changing decisions.

We at our core business focused to automate monotonous and boring processes for
companies wherein a human intelligence is getting wasted. Imaging some critical situation which need constant surveillance and CCTV cameras setup requires a constant human supervision may result is security lapse. Consider a smart algorithm running 24*7 and detecting any human in frame will outperform humans in such scenario. Infact we believe such scenarios doesn’t require human intelligence to be wasted upon. Assume another case where kids at school entering unsafe zone requires immediate attention. An automated camera alert system can raise alarm when any kid exists the geo-fencing boundaries.

Artificial Visual Labs is one of the top Computer Vision companies in India and probably one of the very few companies which work on Bespoke algorithm development for any company, industry or business. Our algorithms cover techniques including but not limited to cover Object detection, object recognition, Object counting, Anomaly detection, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Machine vision solutions and IoT/IIoT.

Common Solutions
  • Industry automation solutions
  • Computer Vision, Machine Vision and Mobile Vision
  • Anomaly detection
  • 24*7 unmatched smart supervision
  • Document/Industry/Vehicle OCR
  • Object recognition
  • Pattern matching

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