We are one unique and mature Artificial Intelligence Development Company

As AI is taking over human, all boring, mundane and repetitive tasks are now done by machines. When machines are trained to in a good way, they can not only reduce the workload from human but human intelligence can be used in a much better way for more complex tasks. Industries and businesses are bringing in AI not only to make human workforce work only in processes where human intelligence are required but to save huge costs. Considering a process of filtering impurities from tea leaves on a conveyor belt deploying humans to pick up impurities during production and it leads the process to 2 stages. First when humans pick the impurities but it will waste a human’s intelligence to do a task for 9 hours a day with no thinking. Second is when humans become careless or accidentally miss to pick up impurities. In both the scenarios it is better to deploy a robotic arm with a smart camera sensor to pick up every impurity which comes in front of the arm. The camera sensor identifies the impurity by its intelligence (AI) built through Machine learning and when it is identified in a frame, coordinates are passed on to the robotic arm processor which allows the robot to pick the impurity and throw it away. This task not only been successfully deployed but operates with 100% efficiency without a break (till the process stops) and drop in performance. One- time investment for the AI based robotic system brings in cost efficiency too. 

Artificial Visual Labs is a proficient Artificial Intelligence Application development company which not only works on AI and Machine Learning but constantly conducts research on various models which can be very helpful for numerous businesses. We have tried our experience on Indoor navigation, OCR, Robotic process automation, Quality inspection through cameras and image processing and much more.

Common Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligent Chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence for HRMS
  • AI in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • AI to curb ATM theft
  • Artificial Intelligent making Agriculture smart
  • AI in Retail Stores for better management

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