Security & Surveillance

Security is a big concern for every country, city, private property, offices or even homes and in absence of owners and authorities and proper surveillance system in place, it may be prone to high threats. Cameras are playing a vital role in identifying threat scenarios and are vital for post analysis as evident proof in criminal cases investigation. Detecting a threat through a live video feed requires human intelligence. It is evident that no human can be 100% consciously aware every time and hence may skip critical events resulting in threats becoming cases. 


With Computer vision and image processing in place pretty recently, such scenarios may be tackled in a much better way. Scenarios like someone trespassing in your property can be detected immediately with a real time alert and warned while entering, someone at door can be identified through facial recognition as known or unknown visitor, offices providing entry to only selected faces and known fingerprints and anomaly detection scenarios like in case of ATM theft are well known. 


Artificial Visual Labs is much capable of building similar solutions for various industries and businesses and even personal property where Surveillance is important and should be handled with utmost accuracy so that problems can be avoided before they happen.


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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image processing, IoT.

Expertise Area
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Image processing

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