Augmented reality application development for Augmentation over normal vision

Pokemon go created a buzz when it came pretty recently and it was not because of the game but because of the augmentation on the screen. Augmenting an object over normal vision where you get to see additional objects which are not actually present. Consider a couple looking for a new house. It is not the structure but how it can be decorated which matters and the couple would think how they can make use of the space, walls, balcony etc. by imagining the stuff. A small empty room doesn’t make much sense for couple’s decision making but when you augment furniture, painted walls and decoration through augmented reality in the same house, it will immediately create a persona which makes the couple happy. Going out for shopping is fun. People try out a lot of material before they buy any and that not only creates confusion but irritate consumers as they try on every single item they like. Placing a smart mirror and allowing consumers to try on clothes through augmented reality application will help them shortlist the stuff they could now finally try before purchasing. 

Augmented reality is also going to industries now as many a times training new employees on production failure scenarios is impossible and even if such things happen, training can’t be provided. Creating such scenarios through Augmented reality and giving training make people understand and experience the critical scenarios they need to control in future. It is not only augmented reality but virtual reality with VR headsets or a combination of both (mixed reality) which make things appear real. 

Artificial Visual Labs brings in both expertise and experience of working with Augmented and Virtual reality and is one of the preferred companies globally for Augmented reality application development for businesses. We not only understand the business models/processes but reiterate the scenarios as near real experiences. Check out our Augmented reality Makeup app for makeup on live camera feed.

Common Solutions
  • Augmented Reality for Industrial training
  • Augmented Reality for Makeup 
  • Augmented Reality for Outdoor navigation
  • Virtual Reality for Real Estate
  • Mixed Reality for Businesses
  • Augmented Reality for Try-ons

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