Virtual Makeup trials on your phone, before you apply it on your face.

Makeup world is moving towards a technological change where Smart Mirrors are taking over normal mirrors and makeup is happening through apps and cameras. Recent advancements brought in numerous mobile apps where users can experiment a lot with their images. Upload an image and apply lighting effects, glow, remove colors, smoothen the image and even pre-live your old age through pictures with effects. This is all out of creativity but the foundation towards all these apps are the algorithms which apply such effects on pictures. 

Artificial Visual Labs thought to contribute in a more useful way where a user can not only experiment with variety of makeup but can check what goes best with the attire. This app is an Augmented Reality Algorithm which allow users to turn their camera on and start augmenting various lipstick colors and shades, suitable foundation as per the skin tone, eyeliners and designs of eye shades. It gives a perfect idea about what to apply on face once the selection of products is done through app’s virtual makeup trials. The app works on Android OS and hence can be ported on a smart mirror. Once such a mirror is placed at a cosmetic store, users can select products in the app, apply them on live camera feed and finally shortlist the products to buy. Applying various color lipsticks or foundation on face is a terrible experience for women and without applying a product a buying decision may turn out wrong. The app helps both users and store owners to close the business well. The app can also be integrated with other web and mobile apps and hence it gives additional confidence to buy the right cosmetic product online with a near real experience of trying before buying.

The app currently allows to apply variety of facial foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshade designs and will be much improved on User Interface very soon. The app runs on Android and Linux and will be soon be available for iOS. The base algorithm of the App can be integrated with websites and mobile apps through API which makes it useful for cosmetic brands to use this Algorithm for a better user experience. 

Common Solutions
  • Augmented Reality for Industrial training
  • Augmented Reality for Makeup 
  • Augmented Reality for Outdoor navigation
  • Virtual Reality for Real Estate
  • Mixed Reality for Businesses
  • Augmented Reality for Try-ons

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