Recent trends show that the extent of technological advancement happening in Automotive sector and the rate at which it is growing is never seen before. From fast Electric cars to driverless concepts, everything is happening and being tested around the globe. Today every automobile company and automotive OEMs either have entered or almost started working on Driverless cars and on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) modules to enhance the road safety, regulatory compliances and driver/ride experience. Driverless cars are already in place and running well in certain parts of the world. Though it will take time to make cars compatible for every road considering road safety requirement but ADAS modules are something which in high demand globally. It has not only improved the user experience and profits for automotive companies but have also transformed the after-market sales. It is a clear outcome of Computer vision and image processing algorithms with good Machine learning, AI and Telematics which has helped automotive segment largely. Variety of sensors including cameras, Radars, LiDars, etc. have helped too for the success of such algorithms. 

Some very popular ADAS algorithms include Road Sign OCR, Pedestrian detection, Ego vehicle speed and brake light detection, vehicle speed detection, driver drowsiness, 360-degree surround view, rear view park assist and much more. 

We at Artificial Visual Labs have worked on ADAS and are keen to constantly help OEMs and Automotive companies on similar development. 

Expertise Area
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Image processing

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