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Industrial sector used to be a set of processes completed manually to deliver an advanced output in traditional times. Lately we thought why waste our intelligence when we repeat the tasks, we replaced smart humans with less intelligent workforce and later to machines. We see industries revolutionized with machines and with time and extent to which automation has penetrated to industries has ever increased. Artificial Intelligence is now transforming industrial processes into entirely automated where machines are learning and operating independently and now human intelligence is only in action where machines can’t manage. 


Advanced sensors including cameras, temperature, humidity, pressure and heat sensors are automating industrial processes to an advanced level. Signals and data from sensors are helping machines learn and build intelligence to react in common scenarios. It is imperative that industries are good in doing what they do but here comes a separate league of companies which have good acumen on working with sensors and machines learning techniques to help industries automate their processes and Artificial Visual Labs is one of the top preferred companies globally which work on such complex transformational requirements.


Industries not only require automation but also require training module preparation wherein a real-life scenarios train new workforce in the best possible way. Image a production failure scenario where top minds are in action to bring back ideal production stage but how to react in such scenarios is tough to be taught. Such scenarios which can’t be replicated for training new employees with existing methodology but through Augmented reality and Virtual reality, it is possible to create such scenarios and let new comers experience and react. 


Artificial Visual Labs deliver solutions for Automation to industries with a robust process which includes:

  • Acquiring functional domain expertise through fact finding site visits
  • Preparing process transformation models
  • Creating solution architecture
  • Bringing parties together for implementation
  • Deliver solutions with highest possible accuracy and
  • Maintain the setup for sustaining productivity
Expertise Area
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Image processing
  • Augmented reality
  • Industrial IoT

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