Computer Vision


Enable Real-Time Tracking with our Computer-Vision based Solutions

We understand your real-world problems, be it detecting people and objects at the shopping mall or counting & classifying vehicles on the roads. Devising right algorithms and software to address your problems is our core focus area. At ArtiVisual Labs, we believe in providing accuracy to strengthen your decision-making ability. We infuse science and technology into our vision sensors to provide high-level of insight out of your off-line data.  Backed by a pool of algorithm developers adept at pattern recognition algorithms, learning techniques and platforms & tools like MATLAB & Open CV, we are meant to outsmart your conventional systems.

You have cameras we have solutions; your camera feed has data and we can analyze it!

It is high time we target to optimized everything today. We intent to reduce errors by human, we look to automate monotonous and boring processes wherein a human intelligence is getting wasted, some critical situations which need constant surveillance and human may miss out on occasions, etc.

Many scenarios in manufacturing today need some automation, involving camera feed. For example, a process line wherein turbines run constantly and any problem scenario involves immediate attention with instant repair to reduce production loss or in-fact save losses. In such scenarios, a camera can
identify anomaly in the process line and can generate instant signal for any failure to maintenance team and losses can be prevented by in-time repair. Students in a school entering unsafe zone can be identified by a camera and instant alert can save any mishap. Security cameras do serve as evidence for
any crime scenario but the feed is prone to tampering. Immediate alert on any unusual activity in a video stream can prevent a crime, can add much more safety. Cameras on street identify the vehicle or a pedestrian to turn on all lights on streets saving cost of electricity in a city. Retail involves immediate
inventory management on the shelf for items. Instant alert of empty shelves or shelves about to be vacant can make inventory managed in time adding to increased sales.

Computer vision and image processing are techniques which are generally deployed to utilize the video feed or images/video frames to analyze and take steps to prevent or solve problem scenarios. These techniques are very old but now are in very common use in current time. Addition of Artificial
Intelligence to machines through Machine learning or deep learning techniques is making business processes much more productive and optimized. Computer vision and Image processing techniques
cover Object detection and object recognition, Object counting, Anomaly detection, etc.

We are breathing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning day in day out. Connect to us through email at for any custom software development requirement.