Object Recognition


See What We Can Recognize

We provide the most reliable, versatile and fast-processing image recognizing platform to recognize anything, ranging from photos, logos, mobile pictures to product packaging, 3 D Pictures & Objects. At Artificial Visual Labs, we write highly optimized image recognition, matching & pattern recognition algorithms on MATLABs & SimuLink to identify a specific object in a moving video or digital image. Specialized in Image matching and recognizing, we are serving industries worldwide to meet their unique requirements of object recognition. Automate your tedious tasks by integrating object recognition APIs. Also, keep track on real-time objects to increase accessibility & authenticity.

Object detection and tracking for security and surveillance.

Object detection is a buzz word in today’s technology era. Be it retail, a manufacturing industry, traffic and city surveillance or immigration, object detection is becoming very common for numerous reasons.

Retail industry is automating numerous of their business processes to improve consumer experience and theft control. A manufacturing industry on the other hand is automating their processes like detecting objects on a conveyor belt and picking up the wrong ones using a robotic arm ultimately improving efficiency of the processes. Traffic and city surveillance involves automobile detection, counting and classification into numerous categories for frequent survey requirements. Almost every industry today, involves either Object detection, object tracking, face detection, face/object recognition, OCR or similar technologies to improve their existing processes or solve their major problems.

When you feel you need your business processes to improve or automate them to a large extent, connect to us and let’s have a site study together. We commit to improve your business processes by a single visit.

Drop us a word to our Machine learning and AI team for similar requirement at analytics@artivisuallabs.com